Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The wonderful benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

We have all heard about a ton of different things that could be done with hydrogen peroxide and most are quite benefitial. I was so surprised that this cheap little thing can do wonders especially on things we would love to fix the most. First off, its GREAT for whitening your teeth. This is what is actually in the white strips to make ur teeth whiter and its super cheap. Gargle it 1 to 2x a day for a month maybe even 3 weeks and you will have a noticably whiter smile. Another great thing is that it does wonders on pimples. And all of us ladies know how annoying they can be and sometimes hard to cover up, well this should cure it overnight. Not completely but it minimizes the pimple making it appear as if its flat. This stuff makes pimples and acne scars fade away a lot quicker than by just leaving them alone. It is also a great disinfectant for cleaning anything from your piercings or jewlery to your wounds and the kitchen! You can also use a cup of this on your whites and it works better than bleach! ( Im sure every mom has a least one in the house lol) Some say if you have an accident and burn clothes while ironing, dab some peroxide on the stain and it should make it disappear or at least lighter ( kinda makes sence if it can be used as bleach). Im sure there are more ideas on what you can use this for but i didnt wanna make this super long and i already listed the main reasons :)

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