Thursday, February 4, 2010

January favorites

I'm so excited! This is my first "favorites" post and i have been wanting to do one of these forever. Well now i finally am! Ok excuse the first part lol, lets get on with the faves. This post is based on products i used the most this month and will give my honest opinion on them after experimenting and testing these out for a bit.
I have always wanted a bronzer and finally got one from mark. This is the mark bronzing pro bronzing powder. They are really cheap and of excellent quality. I got the lightest shade which is pro glow, and it looks awesome!! Im nw20 in mac and this makes me look about 2 shades darker and it looks fantastic! Im the person where my body will usually get tanner faster than my face so i have to keep up. This will NOT turn you orange at all, its makes you look tan and thats what its suppose to do. You can apply more to make to look tanner or just a bit to give you that nice summer glow. LOVE IT!

My favorite concealer (so far) I have tried drugstore brands, avon, and nars but im planning on trying the MUFE and the amazing concealer soon. The texture is very creamy and super easy to apply or blend under the eyes and by the side of your tear duct. It has great staying power throught heat, humidity, and water. It covers blemishes really well and makes them unnoticable. It might settle into lines but if you have a good moisturizer under then your set. I think moisturizers are better primers than actual primers in my opinion. I have seen a difference but maybe it wont work like that for everyone.
That gal primer. I have tried the famous smashbox photo finish primer original and the light, and the MUFE HD primer. I feel that "that gal" beats them all. I feel it has a moisturizer consistency, its not greasy but very moisturizing. It feels lotiony and i feel that so far this is the best primer i have used. And if i do want to prime after my moisturizer this would be my go to primer.
This is my FAVORITE mascara ever!!! I have tried MANY! I have tried the diorshow, tarte 4 day stain, Laura mercier thickening mascara, sephora lash stretcher, smashbox lash DNA, Benefit bad gal, Cargo lashactivator, the urban decay skyscaraper, lash blast, maybelline xxl, colassel, and the list goes on. To me, this mascara tops them all hands down. It thickens, lengthens, and separates lashes not making them look clumpy or spidery. It wont end up on the bottom of your lash line at the end of the day no matter how long the day was or what weather conditions you were under. Its super easy to wash off. This mascara is a dream!
Nars Deepthroat blush. I have been on the hunt for this blush and finally got it about a month ago. I LOVE it! Its adds a very natural healthy peachy glow to your face. Of course you can make the color more intense by building the product on but its great with just one swipe. Not too much but not too sheer, its perfect.
The famous pink fish from the MAC Hello Kitty collection. The packaging is so adorable and the product itself is even better! Its very moisturizing and it wont disappear from your lips after a couple of minutes like other lip products. It is a nice sheer pink color that makes u look oh so cute :) Smells great and tastes yummy :p
My favorite drugstore foundation so far. I am getting the Revlon photoready soon and will review it as soon as i have worn it a bit to be able to give it a proper review. I didnt really like the revlon colorstay, it dries too quickly and it just wasnt for me. This one is great first of all its MATTE, YAY! And it has an awesome consistency, its not as liquidy or runny as the colorstay but its not like a cream either, its in between kinda like mustard consistency lol ( well thats what popped in my head first when i tried to think of which consistency). Anyways, it doesnt dry as quickly which i like so it gives me time to really buff it in and have it perfect before it dries. Its oil free so it wont clog pores and it gives you a nice dewy finish but its matte....if that makes sense :)
A black eyeliner is a must in every girl's kit. My perfect eyeliner is smolder by MAC. I tried the powerpoint eyepencil in engraved and really hated it. This one is much better in my opinion. You dont have to tug your eye and cause pre mature wrinkles when all you wanna do is apply eyeliner. This applies nice and creamy and is very smooth. It goes nicely on the waterline as well. It might smudge a bit but thats fine. My other love which im sadly running out of is the L'oreal hip black pencil liner. That one does not smudge at all. I love it, i recommend it to beginners who dont really wanna spend a lot on an eyeliner but want one that really does the job. Its about $8 ( the l'oreal one) and works like a charm.

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