Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swap, MAC, & Marshalls Haul

A little swap i wanted to share with y'all :)
I told u guys ill be getting the smooth merge soon! OMG i can't believe i finally have it, i have been looking left and right for this and i didnt rlly want to fork out $40 for it plus shipping from ebay and other sites. But i was willing to sadly lol. I swapped it for perfect topping, since it was so alike to my perfect topping msf. I love that it has some color and its not only shimmer.

Here are the famous NARS blushes, mata hari and deep throat which i also recieved in a swap. I love them both, u can apply as heavily or as softly as you would like. I love how you can build the intensity of these blushes and still not look like a clown. The daft pink blush i bought at MAC, it was my FIRST MAC item and my first time in the store in general, sux i didnt buy smooth merge then but hey at least i have it now :)
Its a bit more intense in reality, the lighting and the flash make it look a bit sheer but its more pigmented than that. In a way it depends on how you want to apply it like the NARS blushes, sheer or heavy. But if you apply heavy, you might look weird since these have shimmers like crazy!
I rubbed my fingers in there and swirled them around and swatched so it wont come up on ur cheeks like this, it applies much nicer and sheerer ( dunno if thats a word) with a brush. I use teh Sigma ss168 for blush.
These are my first NARS lipglosses, and they were my first NARS purchase. I got them at marshalls during the holidays. I got them all in a pack for like $24.99 or $29.99 I dont remember. I remember putting them back cuz i said i dont need them but a few seconds later i changed my mind and said i def need these and it was a great bargain! The colors are rose birman, chihuahua, sweet dreams, harlow, giza and boogie nights. They arent in teh order as in the pic. I love how they all worked with my face and skintone except that rlly weird dark one :(
I have been eyeing Ben Nye for a while now and have been wanting something from there. So i swapped with a girl for something and she added this along. It can be used anywhere on the face, as an eyeshadow, liner or watever u think of. Its like this in the beginning, the product settles on the bottom and you just have to shake well before using :)

After its been shook up it should look like this and is ready to apply.
So sparkly!! I love glitter and shimmery things, im a total girly girl :) I havent tried it yet but i will soon :)

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