Friday, February 12, 2010

Sigma Brush Review!!

I have been meaning to do this for a while but who can blame me when life gets in the way lol. So anyway, i decided that these brushes are so great and i have to share the news with everyone. First off, if you have never heard about these brushes or you dont know what they are about, i can help :) . These brushes are suppose to be identical to MAC brushes for a lot cheaper. They dont have every single brush made just yet but they do have great ones so far, well the very important ones at least. These are made with goat hair and are SUPER soft. The only synthetic one i believe is the concealer brush. The lady that started this company has all of the MAC brushes of course. She finds flaws in the MAC brushes at times, so when she makes her own she basically fixes the flaw. For example if a brush is too flat or too round, or not soft enough when it should be. Its all fixed with Sigma brushes, so in a way they are probably better than MAC. Lots of people on youtube and blogs recommend these brushes and actually like them better than MAC. I dont own any MAC brushes and probably never will because i have these babies and MAC brushes are ridiculously expensive!! Sigma offers a complete kit, or individual brushes. The full kit with the brush roll is $89.00 and without the brush roll is $69.00 which i got. Shipping within the US is $7.00, international is like $14.00 i think. Their Web is called
This is the brochure that the brushes come with. It explains what every brush is suppose to be used for but of course you can use it as you please.

These are the face brushes, i count the small concealer brush a face brush, i dont know if its already considered that but anywho lol the brushes are also named after MAC. Like the MAC 150 powder brush is called ss150 or the MAC 168 would be called ss168 and so on. The duo fibre ss187 ( MAC 187) comes with this kit as well but i had no use for it so i swapped it on for a ss109 which i use everyday now :) So just so you know, the 109 does not come in the complete kit, but you can buy it in their individual brush section.

These are the eye brushes. A total of 12 brushes come in the complete kit. These are like the only brushes you will ever need! The small and large shader brushes, the crease brush, the blending brush, liner brush and the angled brush. Perfect for smokey eyes or any kind of application. Also a lip brush come with the kit as well but some people use it as also an eyeliner brush.
The face brushes come in little brush guards such as this one on my brush. I put this on my brushes after i wash them so it shapes the brushes. And a tip about washing brushes, get a huge glass and point your brushes downward so that all of the water comes out. Do not dry your brushes by laying them on their side or facing them upwards. The water will eventually go down the silver part and with time it will separate the silver part from the wooden part and your brushes will get ruined very easily if they are not properly cared for. But with proper care, they can last you for years!
These are the 12 brushes but instead of the 109 brush, theres the duo fibre 187 brush.
I also purchased this kabuki from them. Its the MAC 182 dupe for half the price! I got it for $19.00 from the individual brush section. It doesn not come with the full kit.
This is one of my favorite concealer brushes. Perfect for covering up blemishes or any small places on your face. And is especially great for your under eyes and inner corner of the eye. Please consider these brushes, they are basically MAC brushes but cheaper! They are of excellent quality and you will NOT regret it. Until next time lovelys :)

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