Friday, July 1, 2011

Foundation stains on Sigmax brushes!

So if you're like me, a foundation junkie, you need quite a few brushes since you dont feel like washing foundation brushes every single day. I have a few of the Sigmax brushes, 2 F80's and an F84, (currently waiting to receive F82 in the mail!!). No matter what foundation i use, i can usually never get the white bristles back to the original white color that they use to be when they were new. I tried baby shampoo, liquid soap and even the "magical" Dr. Bronners soap. None of these were doing a good job at removing foundation stains from the brushes. So as i was washing my brushes today ( didnt get a chance to take before and after pics with other shampoos, but i will one day!) i was scrubbing hard to get stains out but nothing, and then i took a bar of regular soap ( i think mine is Dove) and i didnt twist the brush into the soap, just sweeping the surface of the bristles up and down since that's where the stains are, not in the middle of your brush inside the bristles. I CANT BELIEVE I DIDNT THINK OF THIS BEFORE! It got all of the foundation off of my white bristles on all of my foundation brushes! So i just wanted to share with you that a bar of soap is the answer to this dilemma! I hope you guys try this out soon and see how it works!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer

I have been on the look out for the perfect moisturizer and i think i have found my holy grail. I tried so many moisturizers, more than i can count. I did like the Clinique DDMG, dramatically different moisturizing gel, but it was a bit light, definitely not for winter. On the other hand, this has the same texture, same gel light feel as the DDMG but its perfect for the winter! My skin has been overly dry this winter and its usually combo oily. I tried on a lot of moisturizers and they left me feeling drier than i was or just way too greasy. I tried this since i heard good reviews and in general this has been on my list for a while, so i decided to pick it up. Wow! I have been using it for the past 2 weeks and im in love! Its so light and refreshing yet thick to handle that winter weather. My face does not feel tight after a while like with some moisturizers, my face is perfectly hydrated through out the day. This is definitely my HG winter moisturizer and i wish i had bought it sooner! This might not work for everyone, but what have you got to lose right? It says its for dry or very dry skin, im combo oily and im fine with it, but we all get drier in the winter. Not sure about using this for summer, we will have to find out!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wet n Wild creme liner Review

My first love was the MAC blacktrack fluidline, that is when i first got hooked on gel liners. They are awesome, apply better than liquid and pencil liners and they stay there all day! But then all of a sudden, my blacktrack started smudging bad on me, and i decided to look for a new gel liner. I was really interested in getting the Bobbi Brown gel liner, but i found better reviews for the wet n wild gel liner. I didn't think it would be all that for $4, but i decided to give it a try. The quality and last power blew me away, those are the main 2 things when looking for a gel liner, or any liner basically. Its a true black, not a soft black or a dark grey, but a true black. The brush isn't all that good, but everyone uses a brush to their own preference. Its wet once applied and takes a few to dry up, so that you can easily clean up any mistakes, and lasts through out the day as if it was just applied! No fading, no smudging and no flaking. And the best part is, only $4!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mac MSF natural review

I have heard many great things about this product all over. It had great reviews from many sites, people were going crazy about it how its amazing and all, well i have other views on it. First off, many say this is a great powder foundation, its flawless and lightweight. Wrong, its very powdery, cakey, and blotchy. Now i don't give up on my products so soon. I try them with different moisturizers, primers, foundation, brushes, and other techniques to see what works best. I tried everything and the powder still looked so cakey on me, if i applied a pound of this powder or just a sweep, the outcome was the same. There was nothing i could do to make the powdery look go away, using fix+, model in a bottle and all that jazz, nothing worked.

The staying power is not great either. So then i wanted to use it as a setting powder for my cream and liquid foundations. I had the same exact problem, so cakey!! I don't understand how some say that this powder will never make you look cakey, no matter how much you put on. Wrong! It is very cakey. I have normal, combo skin. Normal cheeks and oily t zone. So yea this is my least favorite powder, it is cakey, no coverage, and bad staying powder. Don't waste your money on this girls, and for those of you who have it and it works for you, thats great. If you are wondering, my favorite powder foundation/setting powder is the Chanel double perfection and i use the shade 90 creme beige.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The best foundation brush

I have recently been using all kinds of different foundation brushes. Kabukis, flat top kabukis like the MAC 180, MAC 109, the 187, beauty blender sponge, the 190, and with my hands. But this is Sigma the flat top kabuki F80 ,my favorite brush for it all, cream, liquid and powder foundation. It applies them all, and it applies them all the best. You can stipple or stipple then swirl. I find it gives the best coverage and natural finish with just stippling it. It applies evenly and its just amazing. I wish i had known about this brush sooner, its definitely worth the money!