Friday, July 1, 2011

Foundation stains on Sigmax brushes!

So if you're like me, a foundation junkie, you need quite a few brushes since you dont feel like washing foundation brushes every single day. I have a few of the Sigmax brushes, 2 F80's and an F84, (currently waiting to receive F82 in the mail!!). No matter what foundation i use, i can usually never get the white bristles back to the original white color that they use to be when they were new. I tried baby shampoo, liquid soap and even the "magical" Dr. Bronners soap. None of these were doing a good job at removing foundation stains from the brushes. So as i was washing my brushes today ( didnt get a chance to take before and after pics with other shampoos, but i will one day!) i was scrubbing hard to get stains out but nothing, and then i took a bar of regular soap ( i think mine is Dove) and i didnt twist the brush into the soap, just sweeping the surface of the bristles up and down since that's where the stains are, not in the middle of your brush inside the bristles. I CANT BELIEVE I DIDNT THINK OF THIS BEFORE! It got all of the foundation off of my white bristles on all of my foundation brushes! So i just wanted to share with you that a bar of soap is the answer to this dilemma! I hope you guys try this out soon and see how it works!

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