Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swap, MAC, & Marshalls Haul

A little swap i wanted to share with y'all :)
I told u guys ill be getting the smooth merge soon! OMG i can't believe i finally have it, i have been looking left and right for this and i didnt rlly want to fork out $40 for it plus shipping from ebay and other sites. But i was willing to sadly lol. I swapped it for perfect topping, since it was so alike to my perfect topping msf. I love that it has some color and its not only shimmer.

Here are the famous NARS blushes, mata hari and deep throat which i also recieved in a swap. I love them both, u can apply as heavily or as softly as you would like. I love how you can build the intensity of these blushes and still not look like a clown. The daft pink blush i bought at MAC, it was my FIRST MAC item and my first time in the store in general, sux i didnt buy smooth merge then but hey at least i have it now :)
Its a bit more intense in reality, the lighting and the flash make it look a bit sheer but its more pigmented than that. In a way it depends on how you want to apply it like the NARS blushes, sheer or heavy. But if you apply heavy, you might look weird since these have shimmers like crazy!
I rubbed my fingers in there and swirled them around and swatched so it wont come up on ur cheeks like this, it applies much nicer and sheerer ( dunno if thats a word) with a brush. I use teh Sigma ss168 for blush.
These are my first NARS lipglosses, and they were my first NARS purchase. I got them at marshalls during the holidays. I got them all in a pack for like $24.99 or $29.99 I dont remember. I remember putting them back cuz i said i dont need them but a few seconds later i changed my mind and said i def need these and it was a great bargain! The colors are rose birman, chihuahua, sweet dreams, harlow, giza and boogie nights. They arent in teh order as in the pic. I love how they all worked with my face and skintone except that rlly weird dark one :(
I have been eyeing Ben Nye for a while now and have been wanting something from there. So i swapped with a girl for something and she added this along. It can be used anywhere on the face, as an eyeshadow, liner or watever u think of. Its like this in the beginning, the product settles on the bottom and you just have to shake well before using :)

After its been shook up it should look like this and is ready to apply.
So sparkly!! I love glitter and shimmery things, im a total girly girl :) I havent tried it yet but i will soon :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

YSL Haul & swatches!!

Here are some of the items i have accumulated over the past few weeks. Im super happy and proud of my growing collection of ysl cosmetics :)
They have the most luxurious packaging, i know it gets smudgy with the fingertips but you still cant resist a ysl product, well at least i cant :p

This is a lipstick i recieved in a swap on makeupalley. Its such a cute color plus the adorable pink packaging, i just couldnt say no. This might seem like really pink and all but it is a nice sparkly sheer pink, can be used as an everyday color. Its called pink diamond #11.
As you can tell it goes on pretty sheer. It might look like its loaded with sparkles but fear not, its only the reflection of my light lol.
My next item is this matte foundation i have been wanting to try. I also really want to try their teint resist and im going to splurge on it pretty soon :) This is the second lightest shade they had in #2 blonde. It has an spf of 10, not much i know but you can always apply your sunscreen before it or mix it with the foundation. It is also oil free so it wont clog your pores. This shade isnt really light, i mean im not tan but no where near pale or white. Im nw20 in winter and nw25-30 in summer. I got this for the winter days but it has such a nice color, it wouldnt look white at all in the summer. But i will update you guys on that. I keep getting off track lol sorry, anyways, i feel this is kind of like too matte. I tried it once but i dont feel like it gave me a dewy finish and i feel like if i applied powder it would make me look dried up. Im gonna give it a second try since im always switching foundations and will try it out in a couple of days and update you on how i have been liking it.
This is the consistency, its like a thick creamy texture. More thicker than creamy, but it doesnt feel heavy at all on your skin. The key to making your foundation appear flawless is the right tool (brush) and blending blending blending! Lots of people prefer the MAC or Sigma ss187. I feel that the 187 doesnt do me justice so i tried another brush the ss109. This is THE best brush i have EVER used for liquid foundation. It might not work on everyone but im saying on me its awesome, other beauty gurus on youtube love it as well such as fafinettex3. Also another thing is moisturize and prime before applying your foundation!! This also helps in making your foundation look airbrushed. I might have been tired that day, not blended enough or didnt use the right moisturizer. Different moisturizers do make a difference in how your make up looks. Some make it look better than others.
As you can see it looks pretty thick and not dewy. This is probably not good for dry skin :(

And this is the foundation blended out. As you see, its not that bad, it looks pretty good but like i said its all about technique.
The one on the left is an eyeshadow quad kinda since it does have 4 colors. Its called absinthe green #3. And the one on the right is a powder mixed with the highlighter, bronzer, and blush all together. I have no idea what it is called, all it says is palette collection. Its a limited edition item and was around for the celebration of 30 years of ysl. These babies would have cost me $54 -$60. Thanks to the best site ever called They cost me $15 each!! Isnt that an awesome deal!! I was so happy that i found this site like 3 weeks ago, and it was perfect since i have just gotten into this line. So yay for that! They also carry bobbi brown, MAC, chanel, Lancome, and more :)
Here are some swatches of the wonderful powder. It can also be used as a setting powder for lighter skin tones.
And here are the swatches of the shadows. They are really pigmented and you can tell the quality isnt cheap. I think they are really nice shadows and im planning on getting more very soon, later lovelys :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Perfect topping and porcelain pink swatches!

I wanted to review these a long time ago but i have been so busy :( I also wanted to review this and swatch it for you guys so you dont waste money buying both if you are on a budget. They look so alike, maybe just a teeny tiny difference when swatching on hand but on my face they both look exactly the same.
As you can see, the perfect topping (left) is bigger since its newer and hasnt really been used. It also got me mad since i bought the porcelain pink (right) off of a girl online for $26. I thought it was a great deal and since it was my first msf i had nothing to compare it too, but now i do and i know i got ripped off :( Oh well, i know now :)

As you can see there is not much of a difference between them on these swatches.

i recommend both for lighter tones, since they are very light msfs. Darker tones can also pull this look off.
Hand swatches are also very similar like i told you before. I hope this helped you in anyway that it could :) Overall, these msfs are really nice, they can really brighten a complexion up, the color payoff is ok depending on how you apply it. Its very light so you cant really expect lots of color payoff especially if you are lighter skin toned, and if you put a bunch of it on you will look like a disco ball. So i recommend an msf with more color like smooth merge or perfect topping which i will be getting soon :)

Sinful nailpolish ( easy going 300) swatches

Haven't painted my nails in a long time since i have been super busy with work, school, and family. So finally this weekend was a bit easy on me and i had time to do my nails :) I usually go for the hot pink, or purple nail polishes but this time i wanted something different. I chose this super cute milky pink nail color. As it states in the title, this is a sinful nailpolish and is called easy going 300. I think its really nice, the brush applied a bit streaky at first but i think its normal with light colors, it has great staying power, well at least for me cuz i applied like 5 coats lol. Overall i think sinful makes quality polishes and they can be found pretty much anywhere.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Model in a Bottle

I bought this a couple of months ago from a site called Its a couple bux cheaper than what you would pay retail with shipping. I got this since i have always wanted a setting spray but was unsure about getting either this or the MAC Fix + . So of course i did my research and lots of people recommended this one more. The more youtube videos i watched and comments read, i wanted this one all the way. The packaging is pretty neat, its a glass bottle and kinda looks like perfume. On to the product.. i think its great! It really does what is says it does. It holds your make up for as long as you want it on. Theres no smudging, no foundation or anything running down. Whatever usually smudges or runs down on you by the end of the day, this will fix it. I was spraying this on my face and there was a piece of hair by the side of my head stuck! Which is cool because it showed me how strong it is now. Its like hairspray for your make up, literally! You need to hold this about a couple of inches away from your face and spray with eyes closed. Keep your eyes closed for about 20 seconds after spraying, otherwise your eyes will sting. If its not completely dry on your face after a couple of seconds, get a paper or a fan and fan yourself. The product with shipping was about $17 something. Usually just the product itself is $18. I hope this was a helpful review :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sigma Brush Review!!

I have been meaning to do this for a while but who can blame me when life gets in the way lol. So anyway, i decided that these brushes are so great and i have to share the news with everyone. First off, if you have never heard about these brushes or you dont know what they are about, i can help :) . These brushes are suppose to be identical to MAC brushes for a lot cheaper. They dont have every single brush made just yet but they do have great ones so far, well the very important ones at least. These are made with goat hair and are SUPER soft. The only synthetic one i believe is the concealer brush. The lady that started this company has all of the MAC brushes of course. She finds flaws in the MAC brushes at times, so when she makes her own she basically fixes the flaw. For example if a brush is too flat or too round, or not soft enough when it should be. Its all fixed with Sigma brushes, so in a way they are probably better than MAC. Lots of people on youtube and blogs recommend these brushes and actually like them better than MAC. I dont own any MAC brushes and probably never will because i have these babies and MAC brushes are ridiculously expensive!! Sigma offers a complete kit, or individual brushes. The full kit with the brush roll is $89.00 and without the brush roll is $69.00 which i got. Shipping within the US is $7.00, international is like $14.00 i think. Their Web is called
This is the brochure that the brushes come with. It explains what every brush is suppose to be used for but of course you can use it as you please.

These are the face brushes, i count the small concealer brush a face brush, i dont know if its already considered that but anywho lol the brushes are also named after MAC. Like the MAC 150 powder brush is called ss150 or the MAC 168 would be called ss168 and so on. The duo fibre ss187 ( MAC 187) comes with this kit as well but i had no use for it so i swapped it on for a ss109 which i use everyday now :) So just so you know, the 109 does not come in the complete kit, but you can buy it in their individual brush section.

These are the eye brushes. A total of 12 brushes come in the complete kit. These are like the only brushes you will ever need! The small and large shader brushes, the crease brush, the blending brush, liner brush and the angled brush. Perfect for smokey eyes or any kind of application. Also a lip brush come with the kit as well but some people use it as also an eyeliner brush.
The face brushes come in little brush guards such as this one on my brush. I put this on my brushes after i wash them so it shapes the brushes. And a tip about washing brushes, get a huge glass and point your brushes downward so that all of the water comes out. Do not dry your brushes by laying them on their side or facing them upwards. The water will eventually go down the silver part and with time it will separate the silver part from the wooden part and your brushes will get ruined very easily if they are not properly cared for. But with proper care, they can last you for years!
These are the 12 brushes but instead of the 109 brush, theres the duo fibre 187 brush.
I also purchased this kabuki from them. Its the MAC 182 dupe for half the price! I got it for $19.00 from the individual brush section. It doesn not come with the full kit.
This is one of my favorite concealer brushes. Perfect for covering up blemishes or any small places on your face. And is especially great for your under eyes and inner corner of the eye. Please consider these brushes, they are basically MAC brushes but cheaper! They are of excellent quality and you will NOT regret it. Until next time lovelys :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

January favorites

I'm so excited! This is my first "favorites" post and i have been wanting to do one of these forever. Well now i finally am! Ok excuse the first part lol, lets get on with the faves. This post is based on products i used the most this month and will give my honest opinion on them after experimenting and testing these out for a bit.
I have always wanted a bronzer and finally got one from mark. This is the mark bronzing pro bronzing powder. They are really cheap and of excellent quality. I got the lightest shade which is pro glow, and it looks awesome!! Im nw20 in mac and this makes me look about 2 shades darker and it looks fantastic! Im the person where my body will usually get tanner faster than my face so i have to keep up. This will NOT turn you orange at all, its makes you look tan and thats what its suppose to do. You can apply more to make to look tanner or just a bit to give you that nice summer glow. LOVE IT!

My favorite concealer (so far) I have tried drugstore brands, avon, and nars but im planning on trying the MUFE and the amazing concealer soon. The texture is very creamy and super easy to apply or blend under the eyes and by the side of your tear duct. It has great staying power throught heat, humidity, and water. It covers blemishes really well and makes them unnoticable. It might settle into lines but if you have a good moisturizer under then your set. I think moisturizers are better primers than actual primers in my opinion. I have seen a difference but maybe it wont work like that for everyone.
That gal primer. I have tried the famous smashbox photo finish primer original and the light, and the MUFE HD primer. I feel that "that gal" beats them all. I feel it has a moisturizer consistency, its not greasy but very moisturizing. It feels lotiony and i feel that so far this is the best primer i have used. And if i do want to prime after my moisturizer this would be my go to primer.
This is my FAVORITE mascara ever!!! I have tried MANY! I have tried the diorshow, tarte 4 day stain, Laura mercier thickening mascara, sephora lash stretcher, smashbox lash DNA, Benefit bad gal, Cargo lashactivator, the urban decay skyscaraper, lash blast, maybelline xxl, colassel, and the list goes on. To me, this mascara tops them all hands down. It thickens, lengthens, and separates lashes not making them look clumpy or spidery. It wont end up on the bottom of your lash line at the end of the day no matter how long the day was or what weather conditions you were under. Its super easy to wash off. This mascara is a dream!
Nars Deepthroat blush. I have been on the hunt for this blush and finally got it about a month ago. I LOVE it! Its adds a very natural healthy peachy glow to your face. Of course you can make the color more intense by building the product on but its great with just one swipe. Not too much but not too sheer, its perfect.
The famous pink fish from the MAC Hello Kitty collection. The packaging is so adorable and the product itself is even better! Its very moisturizing and it wont disappear from your lips after a couple of minutes like other lip products. It is a nice sheer pink color that makes u look oh so cute :) Smells great and tastes yummy :p
My favorite drugstore foundation so far. I am getting the Revlon photoready soon and will review it as soon as i have worn it a bit to be able to give it a proper review. I didnt really like the revlon colorstay, it dries too quickly and it just wasnt for me. This one is great first of all its MATTE, YAY! And it has an awesome consistency, its not as liquidy or runny as the colorstay but its not like a cream either, its in between kinda like mustard consistency lol ( well thats what popped in my head first when i tried to think of which consistency). Anyways, it doesnt dry as quickly which i like so it gives me time to really buff it in and have it perfect before it dries. Its oil free so it wont clog pores and it gives you a nice dewy finish but its matte....if that makes sense :)
A black eyeliner is a must in every girl's kit. My perfect eyeliner is smolder by MAC. I tried the powerpoint eyepencil in engraved and really hated it. This one is much better in my opinion. You dont have to tug your eye and cause pre mature wrinkles when all you wanna do is apply eyeliner. This applies nice and creamy and is very smooth. It goes nicely on the waterline as well. It might smudge a bit but thats fine. My other love which im sadly running out of is the L'oreal hip black pencil liner. That one does not smudge at all. I love it, i recommend it to beginners who dont really wanna spend a lot on an eyeliner but want one that really does the job. Its about $8 ( the l'oreal one) and works like a charm.

Beautypie's Styles

I have been in love with the site ever since i found out about it! Its awesome! They have millions of tops, bottoms, shoes, everything to choose from as well as paring your outfit up with accessories and purses. Every girl's dream :) You can also pair up an outfit and know what you want it to look like and go to stores like F21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Guess and try to find similar pieces to creating your masterpiece. Here's what i came up with for a night out outfit. Yes i do realize i picked 3 pairs of shoes lol but thats because i couldnt figure out what looked best with the outfit since all of the shoes look super hot with the outfit. Hope you enjoy and theres more to come soon :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The wonderful benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

We have all heard about a ton of different things that could be done with hydrogen peroxide and most are quite benefitial. I was so surprised that this cheap little thing can do wonders especially on things we would love to fix the most. First off, its GREAT for whitening your teeth. This is what is actually in the white strips to make ur teeth whiter and its super cheap. Gargle it 1 to 2x a day for a month maybe even 3 weeks and you will have a noticably whiter smile. Another great thing is that it does wonders on pimples. And all of us ladies know how annoying they can be and sometimes hard to cover up, well this should cure it overnight. Not completely but it minimizes the pimple making it appear as if its flat. This stuff makes pimples and acne scars fade away a lot quicker than by just leaving them alone. It is also a great disinfectant for cleaning anything from your piercings or jewlery to your wounds and the kitchen! You can also use a cup of this on your whites and it works better than bleach! ( Im sure every mom has a least one in the house lol) Some say if you have an accident and burn clothes while ironing, dab some peroxide on the stain and it should make it disappear or at least lighter ( kinda makes sence if it can be used as bleach). Im sure there are more ideas on what you can use this for but i didnt wanna make this super long and i already listed the main reasons :)