Sunday, February 21, 2010

Perfect topping and porcelain pink swatches!

I wanted to review these a long time ago but i have been so busy :( I also wanted to review this and swatch it for you guys so you dont waste money buying both if you are on a budget. They look so alike, maybe just a teeny tiny difference when swatching on hand but on my face they both look exactly the same.
As you can see, the perfect topping (left) is bigger since its newer and hasnt really been used. It also got me mad since i bought the porcelain pink (right) off of a girl online for $26. I thought it was a great deal and since it was my first msf i had nothing to compare it too, but now i do and i know i got ripped off :( Oh well, i know now :)

As you can see there is not much of a difference between them on these swatches.

i recommend both for lighter tones, since they are very light msfs. Darker tones can also pull this look off.
Hand swatches are also very similar like i told you before. I hope this helped you in anyway that it could :) Overall, these msfs are really nice, they can really brighten a complexion up, the color payoff is ok depending on how you apply it. Its very light so you cant really expect lots of color payoff especially if you are lighter skin toned, and if you put a bunch of it on you will look like a disco ball. So i recommend an msf with more color like smooth merge or perfect topping which i will be getting soon :)

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