Monday, February 22, 2010

YSL Haul & swatches!!

Here are some of the items i have accumulated over the past few weeks. Im super happy and proud of my growing collection of ysl cosmetics :)
They have the most luxurious packaging, i know it gets smudgy with the fingertips but you still cant resist a ysl product, well at least i cant :p

This is a lipstick i recieved in a swap on makeupalley. Its such a cute color plus the adorable pink packaging, i just couldnt say no. This might seem like really pink and all but it is a nice sparkly sheer pink, can be used as an everyday color. Its called pink diamond #11.
As you can tell it goes on pretty sheer. It might look like its loaded with sparkles but fear not, its only the reflection of my light lol.
My next item is this matte foundation i have been wanting to try. I also really want to try their teint resist and im going to splurge on it pretty soon :) This is the second lightest shade they had in #2 blonde. It has an spf of 10, not much i know but you can always apply your sunscreen before it or mix it with the foundation. It is also oil free so it wont clog your pores. This shade isnt really light, i mean im not tan but no where near pale or white. Im nw20 in winter and nw25-30 in summer. I got this for the winter days but it has such a nice color, it wouldnt look white at all in the summer. But i will update you guys on that. I keep getting off track lol sorry, anyways, i feel this is kind of like too matte. I tried it once but i dont feel like it gave me a dewy finish and i feel like if i applied powder it would make me look dried up. Im gonna give it a second try since im always switching foundations and will try it out in a couple of days and update you on how i have been liking it.
This is the consistency, its like a thick creamy texture. More thicker than creamy, but it doesnt feel heavy at all on your skin. The key to making your foundation appear flawless is the right tool (brush) and blending blending blending! Lots of people prefer the MAC or Sigma ss187. I feel that the 187 doesnt do me justice so i tried another brush the ss109. This is THE best brush i have EVER used for liquid foundation. It might not work on everyone but im saying on me its awesome, other beauty gurus on youtube love it as well such as fafinettex3. Also another thing is moisturize and prime before applying your foundation!! This also helps in making your foundation look airbrushed. I might have been tired that day, not blended enough or didnt use the right moisturizer. Different moisturizers do make a difference in how your make up looks. Some make it look better than others.
As you can see it looks pretty thick and not dewy. This is probably not good for dry skin :(

And this is the foundation blended out. As you see, its not that bad, it looks pretty good but like i said its all about technique.
The one on the left is an eyeshadow quad kinda since it does have 4 colors. Its called absinthe green #3. And the one on the right is a powder mixed with the highlighter, bronzer, and blush all together. I have no idea what it is called, all it says is palette collection. Its a limited edition item and was around for the celebration of 30 years of ysl. These babies would have cost me $54 -$60. Thanks to the best site ever called They cost me $15 each!! Isnt that an awesome deal!! I was so happy that i found this site like 3 weeks ago, and it was perfect since i have just gotten into this line. So yay for that! They also carry bobbi brown, MAC, chanel, Lancome, and more :)
Here are some swatches of the wonderful powder. It can also be used as a setting powder for lighter skin tones.
And here are the swatches of the shadows. They are really pigmented and you can tell the quality isnt cheap. I think they are really nice shadows and im planning on getting more very soon, later lovelys :)

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