Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The many uses of MAC Fix+

I purchased my first ever MAC fix+ from a CCO about a month ago and i love it! Mine is teh fix+ rose which is limited edition and can only be found in some CCO's, the regular one is permanent at any MAC store.

The Uses :

I use this to freshen up my face if it gets too hot or humid out.

I use it after i apply my powder or foundation to make my face look more natural not cakey or powdery.

I love using it with my pigments or shadows that can be used wet, i dunno if all shadows can be used wet.

It is also a setting spray, so when you're done with your make up you spray this on to set your make up so that it doesnt run down on a hot day, that it holds everything in place and to make your make up last longer.

With the great ingredients in this product, when you refresh your face it also soothes and relieves sunburn!

It can be used as a moisturizing toner, after you remove your make up.

It can also be used as an after shave spray. After you shave any area you spray this on to sooth the area and relieve some redness.

This can also be used with shadows if you want to use them as liners on your top or bottom lid.

And lastly, it can also be used for a dry scalp or if you want to refresh your hair, just spray and style as you want.

So i picked out my 3 favorite pigments and put them through a test to really see a difference in how they apply.

And here are the swatches of the results, obviously the left side is with no fix+ and the right side is. The color is so much more vibrant, and im sure with a base it would look even better, so i look forward to putting my fix+ to good use. I hope some tips of using the fix+ will be helpful to you guys!

Monday, May 17, 2010

MAC lipstick & gloss far.

Its a pretty boring, rainy day here and so i decided to take some swatches for you guys and show you my MAC lipstick and gloss collection :)

This is from the Hello Kitty collection, the tinted lip conitioner in Pink Fish.

no flash


My lipsticks, i have a feeling this will grow a lot pretty soon :p

This is the rose romance lipstick, from the Rose Romance collection. Beautiful everyday color.

I LOVE this bright pink lippie! Its from the Hello Kitty collection as well, its called strayin'. Totally love the HK imprint :)

The famous nudie in myth.

The ever so lovely colour crafted from the Colour Craft collection. Beautiful milky peachy pink.

Gladiola from the Dame Edna collection.

And this was my very first lippie!! Saint Germain, its in the permanent line. Gorgeous pale pink.

All the lippies with no flash.

All lippies, flash.

These are the glosses. These first ones are from the holiday collections. This is in flashmode.

This is in Ola Mango!

This is in Magnetique.

This is in little VI.

Its pretty clear on the pic, but its called poetic license.

All holiday glosses, flash.

All holiday glosses, no flash.

These next are full size glosses. One of my faves, underage!

And my fave pink gloss, i love bright pink lips, certain occasions. This is the lovely pink poodle.

No flash


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Victorias Secret Limited Edition Safari Chic e/s

I recently stopped by VS to check out if they had anything good in their make up section. I dont own any VS makeup, it never really interested me. But i love their body sprays and "other" things :) I picked up this quad/ palette, whatever you wanna call it. I LOVE purples so of course i took this one. They had another one with green and blue colors. This one is called Safari Chic, runs for $15.00.
The packaging is so safarish, reminded me of MAC style varriors packaging and their jungle theme.

The compact is gold, looks kinda cheesy and cheap but whatever, i liked the colors.

It says on the back that these are mineral shadows. I just loved the purples!!!

And here are some swatches! They might not look super duper pigmented but with a base im sure they will look amazing! This is limited edition, so if you want one pick it up, otherwise it will be too late :(

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Awesome drugstore finds

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now so i finally got around to doing it now after i have accumulated the right products. And also i have noticed lots of videos on youtube lately have been about top 10 drugstore products, or drugstore items under $10 and so i wanted to share my ideas with you guys as well :)
First off is the ever so famous St.Ives scrub. I LOVE this scrub, i use it in the morning and i love the citrus smell it wakes me right up and it feels so fresh. It makes my face super smooth and its like under $3 at Target!
This next product i have been really iffy about. When i first heard about it, i was like omg i want it. But after doing some research and reading reviews, lots of people were so so, either they loved it or hate it. So i just went and bought it to see for myself and i loved it! What pursuaded me to buy it even more was the little scrub thing that comes along with it. I feel so refreshed and extra clean when i use it, it feels like it gives you a deeper cleaning. And now im always excited to wash my face with this, and it doesnt feel like a boring routine like it was before :)

Wow i had no idea a thing called dry shampoo even existed. After watching some videos on youtube, so many people recommend this Tresemme dry shampoo. First i thought it was a shampoo for oily hair, because my hair gets oily by like the second day already and i hate it. After purchasing this, i realized its like a hairspray which is pretty cool. Whenever your hair is oily, spray this on, leave in for like 1 -2 mins and just comb it through or rub between your hair, mainly scalp area since thats where the oil is and voila! Your hair looks non-oily/greasy and it styles a lot better with this spray as well which is an awesome bonus!

I have been wanting tweezerman tweezers for a LONG time now, but wasn't really sure if i wanted to fork out $20 for a pair of tweezers. The more reviews i read and heard, the more i wanted them. So i go to Target and i didnt even know they sold tweezerman there, i found a pair of smaller ones than the regular huge ones. This doesnt bother me since they still get the job done and they were $12! I was like SCORE! Of course i grabbed the pink ones and ran home to do my brows. WOW, have i been missing out. This little sucker will pull out every little speck of hair you want out. You also know that these tweezers are awesome since they have a lifetime guarantee and they sharpen it for you as well. You have to send it to the company(they give you the address on the package of the tweezers) and they will sharpen, repair, replace for free :)

I have so been wanting to try the NARS Sheer Glow foundation that everyone has been raving about. Well, a lot of people also said that this Neutrogena foundation is like an exact dupe for it. Of course i did my research and lots of people had mixed feelings about it. Again, i wanted to see for myself and i bought it in 50 soft beige. Man, this is an AWESOME drugstore foundation! I have tried many and its even better than some of the high end ones too. I have tried the Revlon colorstay, photoready, rimmel matte, MUFE HD, YSL matt touch, BE powder foundation and this beats them all! Well, at least for me, it doesnt look dry or cakey or streaky, it looks super flawless, very natural and it looks like i have amazing healthy skin!! Its $11.99 at Target.

Everyone loves pigmented and blendable shadows, and if you can find some quality ones at the drugstore then thats even better!! These are the maybelline eyestudio shadows in 30 purple icon. As you can see they are really pigmented and apply amazing!

I have also been wanting to try these revlon cream shadows and i finally did. They go on kinda sheer but you can build up the intensity, it might crease so use a good primer like UD UDPP. These also make a great base so your powder shadows look awesome. This would go great with the shadows about the maybelline eyestudio ones in 30 purple icon. ( cant u tell i love purples :))

This is a great eyebrow filler pencil. It wont look like you drew on your brows with a sharpie marker. This is great because some people just cant use a light hand while applying brow stuff, so even if you have a "heavy" hand, it will look natural. I would stay away from light brown shades since they do apply sheer and tend to look reddish/orangish in photos. I use the darkest one and it looks light brown.
These are some great eyebrushes from Target if you cant afford Sigma, MAC, or other brand brushes. The one on the top is a shadow brush, its also great for paint pots, or cream shadows, its not too hard or too soft, just right. And the bottom is the crease brush and also great for blending. Both are under $2!

Such a cute spring color i picked up from Target for like $0.94 or .97! Very pretty baby pink, complements lots of skintones.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

5 random facts TAG

Fact 1. Im too scared to sleep in complete darkness unless im sleeping right next to someone. I panic and i think i hear noises and its just scary :(

Fact 2. My fave guy singers are Nickleback and Chris Daughtry, and my fave girl singers are Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Fact 3. I go to florida at least once a year.

Fact 4. Im a true makeup addict and i will sometimes buy something just for the price or the name, even if i know i wont use it, or i "think" i will.

Fact 5. I can eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this super short tag lol, i tag everyone that reads this!!