Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The many uses of MAC Fix+

I purchased my first ever MAC fix+ from a CCO about a month ago and i love it! Mine is teh fix+ rose which is limited edition and can only be found in some CCO's, the regular one is permanent at any MAC store.

The Uses :

I use this to freshen up my face if it gets too hot or humid out.

I use it after i apply my powder or foundation to make my face look more natural not cakey or powdery.

I love using it with my pigments or shadows that can be used wet, i dunno if all shadows can be used wet.

It is also a setting spray, so when you're done with your make up you spray this on to set your make up so that it doesnt run down on a hot day, that it holds everything in place and to make your make up last longer.

With the great ingredients in this product, when you refresh your face it also soothes and relieves sunburn!

It can be used as a moisturizing toner, after you remove your make up.

It can also be used as an after shave spray. After you shave any area you spray this on to sooth the area and relieve some redness.

This can also be used with shadows if you want to use them as liners on your top or bottom lid.

And lastly, it can also be used for a dry scalp or if you want to refresh your hair, just spray and style as you want.

So i picked out my 3 favorite pigments and put them through a test to really see a difference in how they apply.

And here are the swatches of the results, obviously the left side is with no fix+ and the right side is. The color is so much more vibrant, and im sure with a base it would look even better, so i look forward to putting my fix+ to good use. I hope some tips of using the fix+ will be helpful to you guys!

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