Thursday, June 3, 2010

May Faves

Sorry for the late faves, but i have just been out and enjoying the weather and all the good things summer has to offer :) I dont have many things because i dont like to use a lot during summer, its too hot and summer is kinda like a "natural" season i guess, where folks just like to keep it simple.
Here is a stila e/s i have been ALL over, its such a perfect summer bronze color, i just use this as my lid color and its a perfect touch of bronziness on my eyes. I have no idea what the name is because i got it in a swap and i sanitize all my products inside and out. So i was rubbing it with alcohol and all of the black writing on the bottom faded away. First i thought it was just dirty until i noticed it all fade away :(

Next up is my blonde MSF, perfect touch of shimmerness for the summer, gives a nice glow. I use it as my highlighter and apply it on top of my cheek bones, and sumtimes i just use it all over my face :)

This is the new popular limited edition Revlon gloss called lilac pastelle. It looks amazing and its such a rare lipgloss color i think, cuz i havent seen any that look like this. This is also very very similar to MAC's lavener whip lipstick. Its like the same lipstick in a lip gloss. So if you're into this color or lavender whip, you should check this out. Got it at Target for $5.69.

And last is the famous NARS sheer glow. Sucks that it doesnt have a pump ( boo!) I got this in the shade ceylan but its too light for me in the summer since im 72 shades darker. It honestly isn't a MAGICAL foundation that everyone claimes it to be. Its a normal foundation with decent coverage. Since its too light i like to apply bronzer over it and it makes it look great :) Oh yea and thats a tip for someone that has a foundation too light for their summer skin. Apply bronzer over it and voila! You will be surprised how many people dont think of this tip, yet its so simple.

Here is the foundation blended in. Looks good but it definitely isnt dark enough for my face.
The rest of my faves are self explanitory. Been using my fix+ everytime after i apply my foundation. I hate spraying things on my face so i always use my sigma ss150 for this. I spray my fix+ on to the brush and stiple all over my face and lightly blend the into my skin. It sets my make up, helps it last longer, refreshes my face, gets rid of cakiness and makes my face look natural. And the perfume i been in love with recently! I originally wanted Jessica Simpson's Fancy perfume, but this one is Fancy Love and omg i love it!! I have never smelled sumthing like it before, its very unique yet very gentle. Smells like baby powder in a way, its soft but not too soft, it just smells amazing to me, i love it! Yay another wishlist item :)


  1. I have Fancy and it is the most amazing perfume I've ever smelled!!! I didn't loved Fancy Love as much, though, but I'm glad you like it (=

  2. Omg how tempting lol i might go pick it up as well :)