Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Burn 150 calories in 11 different ways!

Burning Calories – 150 at a Time

For a 150-pound person, doing these exercises will burn about 150 calories, a great start to getting into shape!

Walking a mile at a pace of 15 to 20 minutes per mile

Swimming laps for 20 minutes Bicycling for 30 minutes

Running a mile at a pace of 10 minutes per mile

Climbing stairs for 15 minutes

Raking leaves for 30 minutes

Playing basketball for 15 to 30 minutes

Playing volleyball for 45 to 60 minutes

Gardening for 30 to 45 minutes

Jumping rope for 15 minutes

Dancing for 30 minutes

Remember: The more intense the workout, the less time required to burn calories. Be sure to choose an activity that you enjoy, it's much harder to stick with an exercise routine if you’re not really wild about what you're doing.

And always use common sense: If you are feeling pain, dizziness, major discomfort, or unease while working out, call your doctor immediately.

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