Saturday, June 5, 2010

MAC Haul!!!

Went to watch Get him to the greek yesterday which was right next to the mall so i decided to go to MAC real quick since i have been wanting a few things. Enjoy! And no i didnt get anything from the To the beach collection, i really dont think its all that.

The lipstick without the box was a b2m :)

Im proud to say that this is my first MAC brush!! As you saw everything else i have is Sigma which are my good brushes, Sonia Kashuk and a couple of others from either Target, Coastal Scents or unknown but work good lol. Anyways, this is the MAC 217, almost everyones favorite. I have been wanting this for a REALLY long time and finally decided to get it, after much research i felt that it was time. I have not used it yet but im very excited to :) Its one of their cheaper brushes too, it was $22.50.

This is my B2m lipstick in pink nouveau, i have also been wanting this gorgeous barbie pink for sometime now.

And this is the LE lipstick metal maven from the starflash collection. They had some in stock and im happy i got my hands on it. I have a lipgloss this same color but a bit more pigmented and im running low and i have no idea what the name of the gloss was so i saw this lipstick and was similar so i had to have it.

Finally got the MAC brush cleanser. I wanted the Sephora one but it was $6 for 2 oz. and $14 for like 4 or 5 oz. That seems stupid since all it does is clean whereas this MAC one is 7.9 oz. for $11 and it cleans, conditions, and has all these good things for your brushes so it was a no brainer, had to pick this one.

I read a lot abouit this cleanser and seen videos that people say that if you pour straight from the MAC bottle on to the napkin you will use a lot of product and go through the bottle faster, so its better to put it in a spray bottle where you use less product and have the bottle for longer and it still gets the same job done :)

Had to get my wipes, these are a staple product. I get the 45 pack because i feel like the 100 pack might get dry by the time i get to the last few wipes. And its summer and i dont like wearing foundation everyday, which means it will take even longer for them to finish and plus i only use these when im really lazy and dont feel like going to the sink.

I also picked up this prep + prime skin base which is basically a primer. I wanted to give it a go and see how it works. Will probably do an update later telling you if you should buy it or pass it.

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