Friday, June 11, 2010

A bit of everything haul!!

Went to the mall yesterday, i had a few things in mind on what i should get and the rest are just destiny :)
This blush i got from The Body Shop, its a very pretty pink, the blush is inside the cap on the right and there is a sponge on the left and you apply that to your cheek or if you would like, take your brush that you use to apply blush with and dip that into the blush inside the cap.

I had to b2m my empties and i got this little bad boy. Looks gorgeous!! This is snob, i thought snob was very similar to Saint Germain which i have, but when swatching them, they were completely different.

I love it!! Its a more wearable version of Saint Germain maybe?

I was looking high and low for something for my brows. Powders, pencils, everything. I went to Sephora and tried the Anastasia of Beverly Hills line that specializes in brows, horrible!! My brows are good they are just a tad bit too light for what i want them to be, so i fill them in very lightly with a black eyeliner. They look very natural and brown. Some browns tend to look red or orange especially in pictures and i DID NOT want that and that is all Anastasia had to offer! Big disappointment. Every powder or pencil looked very fake, unnatural or red/orange. Then i tried the MUFE eyebrow corrector, OMG. That stuff looks like you have sharpie on your brows. But i knew i would find something from MAC so i didnt get anything for my brows at Sephora. Then i went to MAC and found this black impeccable eyebrow pencil. Its specifically made for brows and if you would want it as an eyeliner it would be difficult to use since its made sheer for filling in brows. It was perfect!! The lady tried the same pencil on me but in taupe, i was afraid it might look reddish in pics but she said there is no red in it for it to show up on pics, but still i felt safer with the black. I tried it at the store and it was just what i wanted!

This is the rest of my Body Shop haul. 2 shadows and a blush and a bronzer. I dont usually go to The Body Shop, i might pop in every once in a while to see what they have . Well it turns out i checked it out yesterday and to my surprise they were ahev an amazing sale! The shadows are usually $12, the ones i got on the right. They were marked down to a $1 each!! The blushes and bronzers such as the ones on the left were $17.50 and i got them for $5 a piece. The pink blush i showed you in a separate pic was originally $14 and i got it for $8. Heres the thing, they have this thing where its 3 for $10. So i got the 2 blushes and the bronzer for $10! The computer automatically changes it, even if its $5 or $4 or $8 except the $1 items since that wouldnt be fair. The sale has been going on for a few days so you guys go check it out if you can. They also had a bunch of bath items and lotions for sale as well. I checked their website and there is a similar sale there too. Some items are already sold out.

Very pretty pigmented but soft color, i love it! Its kinda a chamagne/beige color. Beautiful if you are in a rush and just put this in your crease, very soft but noticable, it looks amazing!

Beautiful olive color.

This is the bronzer.

This is teh highlighter side. You can also use each shade as an eyeshadow as well!

This is the blush, very nice and peachy, reminds me of MAC's ripe peach kinda. The different shades can also be used as shadows.

This is the famous Buxom lash liner from Sephora. I got this in black which is leatherette. Its a black gel liner that makes your lashes grow at the same time. I already have the MAC's blacktrack fluidline but since this makes lashes grow, i was all for it. It was only $15. I hope it really works, i read some awesome reviews on this!

I also stopped by forever21, nothing really caught my eye, except these gorgeous earrings! I love hoops and i love the "diamonds" in them even more and i just had to have them.

I wanted to try out the philosophy purity face wash. I bought teh small one to see how i like it and if i do, ill go get the bigger bottle since it is a better deal kinda.

I also got this from LUSH. I totally expected it to be a conditioner but when i got home i found out it was a shampoo. I wanted teh Veganese conditioner but they were out so i looked around it and found this one and assumed it was a conditioner. Oh well. Ill see if i like it so that i could get a bigger bottle of this as well.

And this i knew it was a shampoo. Its also from LUSH, their solid shampoo. I have no idea what name it is, i think its squeaky something. It really gets the dirt and oil out of your hair since my hair tends to get oilier faster in the summer. It also lathers up really well. I tried it last night, but i used it along with the shampoo i thought was the conditioner. So ill update when i use that alone with some kind of conitoner.


  1. Great haul! Gorgeous earrings, I love F21 =D

  2. Great deals on those body shop makeup. I saw those online and I was about to order them because i could not pass up 3 for $10 deal but they were sold out. I love those f21 hoops! I didnt get them the first time i saw them but ive been looking for them every since, i regret not buying it then.

    Enjoy your new goodies! :)

  3. Yea they sell out pretty fast on those good deals, so gotta get them while they're hot lol :p Yea i been looking for these kind of earrings for a while now and now when i went i wasn't even looking for them and i just found them so of course i got them, they look great! Thanks :)