Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Fave drugstore products

Tonight, im going to share with you my favorite drugstore products so far. Products i have worn and tested and really made sure that i liked enough to give my opinions on. Let's not waste time, on to the goodies!! :)
First off, if you have been reading my blog for a while now, you would know that this is my all time favorite mascara. Im very picky about my mascaras, i like them to make it look like i have the biggest, longest most luxurious lashes. This one definitely fits the category. It lengthens, volumizes and curls. Well im not really sure about the curling part, maybe my lashes are like that naturally, and i have never used a curler in my life, but my lashes look very pretty and curled with this mascara. And its cheap!! Which makes it even better :)

Nose strips!! Every lady needs to have this in her kit. We all need to take care of our skin and make it appear as flawless as it can get. Yea they sell peels and nose strips at other places for a ridiculous price where all it does is take gunk out of your nose. These are biore nose strips, you wet your nose and put this on and leave it for 10- 15 mins. Take it off and tone the area and moisturize. Omg the nose feels so super soft and healthy. I love it! Plus its super fascinating to see what is on the nose strip lol.

The skunk brush. We have all been through a phase where we really wanted, needed, had to have the skunk brush. I had the same phase, and still do. I had the Sigma ss187 but i swapped it away. I missed it so much so i had to have another one and i saw them at target. I didnt buy it just yet. I went online and researched about it and so many people loved it and said it was just like the MAC or Sigma 187, it applies better and so on. So i finally got it and im so happy that i did!! Cant you see how much i use the poor thing lol. I love this for liquid and cream foundations as well as powder and cream or creme whatever lol blushes. I recently got the Florida blush from the Lillyland collection and looks super scary, but when applied softly with the skunk brush it looks so pretty and summery. Love it.

The item on the left is kind of an alternative to Urban Decay Primer Potion, or MAC paint pots. Its the L'oreal HIP cream shadow paint in secretive. They have them in many colors but i just wanted a nude one. It applies great, you can wear it alone or a shadow over to intensify the look and keep the shadow from creasing. The middle item is the Physicians Formula Shimmer strips in Sunkissed glow. And the name doesnt lie, it really does give you the healthy summery bronzy glow. You can use the top shade as a highlighter, the middle part as a blush or to contour your cheeks, or just swirl around the whole thing and apply all over face for a summer glow. Not too much depending on how white you are, but i would definitely use the skunk brush for this so it wont look intense, but you can build up if you want a more "sunkissed glow" It was awesome, i got it on sale, it was like $10 something and i got it for $2!! Nice :) And the last item on the right is my all time favorite lipgloss. Its covergirl and its called grape splash. Its super gorgeous for a drugstore lipgloss and very pigmented which i love for certain occasions. Love it!

This is the l'oreal secretive before being blended out.

After blending, it gives a nice sheer finish and with some sparkle but you can hardly see them. Here they are more visible since the flash of my camera obviously lol

This is my lovely highlightin, countouring, and bronzing kit all in one lol. The left finger is the last color, on the bottom. The middle finger is for the middle 3 stripes, they are very similar in color, and of course the last one is the white color on top that can be used as a highligher.

And this is all of the colors together, of course it applies sheerer than that with the brush but i wanted to give you guys a nice swatch of this gorgeous color. This palette screams SUMMER!!

This is the lipgloss, grape splash. Totally love it, i got it last year from a BOGO at walgreens and i have been applying this a lot and its still not finished. Im def gonna pick up some more tubes on the next BOGO. The flash makes it look not as pigmented but it really is, i love it. Im not really a huge fan of sheer gloss, so when i say its pigmented trust me it is lol.

This is my favorite black liner ever. The loreal HIP black pencil liner. Its very black, staying power is awesome and my number one favorite, it does not smudge!! I had both the MAC smolder and the powerpoint in engraved. Engraved sucked in application, and the smolder smudged within an hour. Horrible!! So i came back to my love loreal HIP, The HIP line carries some pretty awesome things but thats all i have from there lol. The one on top is a cover girl shimmer slick. Its like a NYX jumbo pencil, its an eyeshadow and very creamy and smooth, and great color pay off. I actually got this a while ago and im not positive they still carry this.

I think everyone needs a bottle of babyoil around the house, especially ladies. This is such a multitasker. Can be used to moisturize your skin, to have an awesome massage and to remove hard to remove or water proof make up! I didnt even know this until i applied a lipstain and it wouldnt come off with anything! So i went online to see waht can be used and i heard about baby oil, so i got a cotton pad and put baby oil and hardly even rubbed my lips and the products came right off. Im not sure about this with waterproof mascara cuz i dunno what would happen if it got into your eye, but def good for your lipstick or a blush or something hard to remove.

I have been through many foundations, there are others that i like but this one is my favorite. I love the way it applies, it looks flawless with a dewy finish and i just love it, its awesome.


Blended, creating a nice glow :) Great for summer!

My favorite eye make up remover, i sometimes use it all over my face. It does an amazing job at removing everything! Waterproof mascara, cream shadow, anything and leaves a nice clean finish with no oily residue behind.

You guys read about this awesome heat tamer spray that i posted up before but i just had to add it here since it is one of my favorite drugstore finds! It smells great and its best to apply it before putting any kind of heat to your hair like blow drying, straightening, curling, anything.

My favorite self tanner that i told you guys about already. I love it, its cheap and smells amazing! I love it, it doesnt make you look orange, its moisturizing and i recommend it for beginners. This wont give you the up in your face tan, well it would if you apply every day for like a week or 2, but i prefer a natural tan look so i apply everyday until i get my color and then be consistent with applying every other day or every 2 days.

Blended. The color will show up in about 3- 4 days. This was a long post lol. I hope you guys find some of these recommendatins helpful and dont feel like you have to get everything from a highend brand so that it works. There are some great finds at drugstores, you just have to know what works for you :) Later lovelys.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My fave self tanner!

This is my favorite self tanner that i have tried so far. I have heard about it last year from the beautiful TiffanyD, and decided that i wanted one. I wasn't really big on self tanners, i mean im not pale, but i didnt really care about the whole tan thing, im fine with the way i look :) besides i get tan either way in the summer lol. I did use to go tan, not too often, but if i did i would go like everyday for a week. I always knew tanning was bad, but i guess i never cared enough. Until a relative told me about how horrible it is to tan and how skin gets wrinkly in the long run and how its worse than smoking!! Im like jeez, i should just quit going tanning then. So yea then i came across TiffanyD's blog about self tanners and which she felt worked best and all and this one was at the top of her list. I decided to get one and see how it goes. Its a daily moisturizer, i apply it on my face and body. Since i see myself all day everyday, i didnt feel like i was seeing results until my friends saw me and where like WHOA! Lol i knew immediately that they were surprised about my "tan", they thought it was some expensive product or something and im like nope, its good ol' Jergens. I would say in about 3-5 days you will see results. I have it in the shade medium and it works very well for my NW20 skin. I get up to NW25 during summer even without this product. But with this i still look darker regardless lol. This is also great for winter, but becareful if you dont want that "TAN" look, i recommend using it once every 2 days then or every other day. And no it does not turn you or your palms orange, and the smell is quite pleasant :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clarins Instant Smooth perfecting touch

I have been wanting this product for quite a while since i heard amazing reviews on it and that it made people's foundations look 10x better. HUGE fail for me. I finally got it about 2 weeks ago or so, been testing it out and it isnt all that its cracked up to be, well at least for not me. It didnt do anything for me, my foundation looked exactly the same as if i didnt even put a primer, or just used a different primer. It primes your face and thats about it, it doesnt make you look "flawless" it still makes you look normal and to me its just a normal primer. Its wayy too much $$$ for a tiny jar that does nothing a regular primer cant do. In my opinion, i think theres better primers out there. For me what really works is just using my daily moisturizer as a base for my foundation. I think the results are best with me when its done that way, but remember that what may work for me might not work for you, or the opposite. But i personally will not repurchase, its a waste of money, and i can get better results with something cheaper.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My fave hair products

These are my fave hair products that i love to use over and over to style and take care of my hair. They have proven to me that they are the best out of the bunch for my hair and they really do what they say they do, well at least for me they do.
These 2 are awesom. the small one is the tresemme no frizz shine spray. And the tall one is rave hairspray. Both as you can see are in spray cap form. The tresemme shine spray is awesome, after you blow dry your hair it might get a bit frizzy for some, i know my hair frizzes out a bit after blow drying so i just spray this all over my head, not to get it wet but just to tame my hair and then i rub my fingers through it to make it straighter and less frizzy :) The rave hairspray is THE BEST hair spray i have ever used. I used so many but none like this. I never even knew about this one, until a lady did my hair for a wedding and made me an up do with like locked curls, i dunno what they are called lol. Anyway she sprayed this on top, omg my hair was hard as a rock, nothing could have ruined it, it did not look sticky or nasty like its been hairsprayed for hours. It looked very nice and was super hard and my updo held up perfectly throught the wedding with much dancing and moving around. Any other hairspray, my curls were straight in the next hour or so, i really recommend the rave hairspray. I got mines at Walgreens.

This is my fave heat tamer spray. Any kind of heat on your hair will damage your hair, whether its blow drying, curling, or straightening. The heat tamer spray "adds" a layer to your hair so instead, that gets damaged before your hair does, so it protects your hair in a way. After the shower i comb my hair spray this all over especially on the ends and i blow dry. This can be sprayed on wet or dry hair. And it smells soo good!

You know, i just realized i have the whole tresemme family lol. This is my favorite mousse! I have straight hair naturally, and just a bit wavy at the ends, so its hard for my hair to keep a curl without using the right tools. This mousse is awesome, smells great and holds up my curls great! Have been using it for a couple of years and it has never failed me. I never even use to know about mousse until i saw this girl with very pretty curls but they were like hard. I was like did she hairspray it or how did she do that? So then she explained to me what she used and stuff and so i bought my mousse and wanted to see how it looked like on me and i loved it! Keeps curles on stubborn hair like mine, even until the next day!

Amazing finds at Target! Go Now!

This is what i found at my local target, i dont know if this is happening to all of them but mine had SOOOO much stuff on clearance! Essie nail polishes for like $1 sumthing. I already have enough makeup, i went to buy some make up for a friend and did manage to get a few pieces for myself. You guys will be shocked at how low these prices were, or maybe not, but i totally was lol
This is such a cute milky pink shimmery eye shadow. Was $8.49 and is now for $2.12!

This is a highlighter/bronzer, gorgeous color when combined. As you can see it was super cheap!

$1.62!!! OMG posting these pics makes me wanna go back and get more lol.

concealer for $2.48!! And it also has like vitamins or sumthing good for your under eye bags.

This polish was like $5.69 or sumthing. I thought it was such an awesome summer color. Bright and fun :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feb Faves!

Last months products that i been loving :)
Love this stila eye kajal in topaz! I saw how the utube gurus have been using this to line their waterline. I was using white liner to make my eyes pop but it looks kinda harsh at times so a flesh toned color like this is better, looks natural, and oh so gorgeous :)

It is SO creamy, i cant imagine how smudgy the black one must be, the stila eye kajal in onyx. Thats why i never bothered to buy it, hate smudgy liners :( But this is flesh toned color, so even if it does smudge you cant even notice.
Great buy at Avon! This is like a primer, it "erases" pores and lines and makes your face appear flawless. Its the Avon magix face perfector, cant say i have been loving the smell. I just got the Clarins smooth perfecting touch that i have been wanting for a long time, so i will be using it this month to give you my opinion in March :)

Its a thickish consistency.
Blended. It also keeps your face totally matte and shine free.
HG foundation!!!! LOVE it!! I love this so much more than the revlon colorstay, it dried so much quicker and made the application look cakey. This one doesnt dry as quick which gives me time to work in and buff out my foundation. There are people that have been complaining about the shimmer in this foundation, well there is slight shimmer which is kinda nice, it gives a dewy finish and it looks like you have a nice glow to your face, its not discoey at all. I wear this in the color 004 nude, i might have to go a shade or 2 darker for the summer :)
My lovely MSF natural in medium. Great setting powder, at first i hated it cuz it made me look cakey. But with a bad primer or foundation, your powder might look cakey. Now that im satisfied with my foundation routine, this powder is perfect!
It showed up too light when i took the pic with flash, and this is how it actually looks like, this is no flash but it really does look this way.

MAC blacktrack fluidline gel liner, yup you can tell i been only using a little :) I love everything about this liner! The consistency, the way it applies, how long it lasts, how dark it is, i think its perfect! I might also try the bobbi brown, but not sure yet, $22 is a bit much for a gel liner.
I love this! Mario Badescu is a skincare line, they have their website and they also have their products at Nordstrom, not sure where else they might offer their products. They have all kinds of amazing gels, face creams, cleansers, toners, treatment creams and so on. This is buffering lotion, it looks and feels like milk, but its not! Dont drink it lol. Its like a watery substance on top and the white part sits on the bottom. Before you use it, shake it up real good and apply on you break out area or just one pimple. Im telling you guys, this stuff works WONDERS, well at least for me it does. It even cleared up like old pimple scars i had around my chin. I mean it was no big deal they werent even THAT noticable but they are lighter now which is always a plus. I recommend this for acne people or acne prone or if you just get a lot of pimples.
I have so been loving this lipstick this month. Its called nude attitude by revlon. Some people say its a MAC freckletone dupe, but i dont know since i dont have that lipstick. Its a nice orangy nude, not too orangy but not too pale, just right. With some clear gloss, or i use MAC underage, it looks great!

I hope you enjoyed my Feb Faves!