Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amazing finds at Target! Go Now!

This is what i found at my local target, i dont know if this is happening to all of them but mine had SOOOO much stuff on clearance! Essie nail polishes for like $1 sumthing. I already have enough makeup, i went to buy some make up for a friend and did manage to get a few pieces for myself. You guys will be shocked at how low these prices were, or maybe not, but i totally was lol
This is such a cute milky pink shimmery eye shadow. Was $8.49 and is now for $2.12!

This is a highlighter/bronzer, gorgeous color when combined. As you can see it was super cheap!

$1.62!!! OMG posting these pics makes me wanna go back and get more lol.

concealer for $2.48!! And it also has like vitamins or sumthing good for your under eye bags.

This polish was like $5.69 or sumthing. I thought it was such an awesome summer color. Bright and fun :)


  1. Those are totally great finds! :] I'm actually going to Target with my friend tomorrow. I will definitely check out the clearance. I don't know if it's only the Target here, but their clearance items are not on a rack or anything, it's just mixed in with the regular priced items. So it's difficult to look.

  2. i hope u find them! yea they were with the regular priced items, usually on the bottom 2 shelves. l'oreal had the most clearanced items. there were also 2 shelves with trays filled with clearanced make up but nothing better than wat i already picked out :)