Friday, March 19, 2010

My fave self tanner!

This is my favorite self tanner that i have tried so far. I have heard about it last year from the beautiful TiffanyD, and decided that i wanted one. I wasn't really big on self tanners, i mean im not pale, but i didnt really care about the whole tan thing, im fine with the way i look :) besides i get tan either way in the summer lol. I did use to go tan, not too often, but if i did i would go like everyday for a week. I always knew tanning was bad, but i guess i never cared enough. Until a relative told me about how horrible it is to tan and how skin gets wrinkly in the long run and how its worse than smoking!! Im like jeez, i should just quit going tanning then. So yea then i came across TiffanyD's blog about self tanners and which she felt worked best and all and this one was at the top of her list. I decided to get one and see how it goes. Its a daily moisturizer, i apply it on my face and body. Since i see myself all day everyday, i didnt feel like i was seeing results until my friends saw me and where like WHOA! Lol i knew immediately that they were surprised about my "tan", they thought it was some expensive product or something and im like nope, its good ol' Jergens. I would say in about 3-5 days you will see results. I have it in the shade medium and it works very well for my NW20 skin. I get up to NW25 during summer even without this product. But with this i still look darker regardless lol. This is also great for winter, but becareful if you dont want that "TAN" look, i recommend using it once every 2 days then or every other day. And no it does not turn you or your palms orange, and the smell is quite pleasant :)

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