Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My fave hair products

These are my fave hair products that i love to use over and over to style and take care of my hair. They have proven to me that they are the best out of the bunch for my hair and they really do what they say they do, well at least for me they do.
These 2 are awesom. the small one is the tresemme no frizz shine spray. And the tall one is rave hairspray. Both as you can see are in spray cap form. The tresemme shine spray is awesome, after you blow dry your hair it might get a bit frizzy for some, i know my hair frizzes out a bit after blow drying so i just spray this all over my head, not to get it wet but just to tame my hair and then i rub my fingers through it to make it straighter and less frizzy :) The rave hairspray is THE BEST hair spray i have ever used. I used so many but none like this. I never even knew about this one, until a lady did my hair for a wedding and made me an up do with like locked curls, i dunno what they are called lol. Anyway she sprayed this on top, omg my hair was hard as a rock, nothing could have ruined it, it did not look sticky or nasty like its been hairsprayed for hours. It looked very nice and was super hard and my updo held up perfectly throught the wedding with much dancing and moving around. Any other hairspray, my curls were straight in the next hour or so, i really recommend the rave hairspray. I got mines at Walgreens.

This is my fave heat tamer spray. Any kind of heat on your hair will damage your hair, whether its blow drying, curling, or straightening. The heat tamer spray "adds" a layer to your hair so instead, that gets damaged before your hair does, so it protects your hair in a way. After the shower i comb my hair spray this all over especially on the ends and i blow dry. This can be sprayed on wet or dry hair. And it smells soo good!

You know, i just realized i have the whole tresemme family lol. This is my favorite mousse! I have straight hair naturally, and just a bit wavy at the ends, so its hard for my hair to keep a curl without using the right tools. This mousse is awesome, smells great and holds up my curls great! Have been using it for a couple of years and it has never failed me. I never even use to know about mousse until i saw this girl with very pretty curls but they were like hard. I was like did she hairspray it or how did she do that? So then she explained to me what she used and stuff and so i bought my mousse and wanted to see how it looked like on me and i loved it! Keeps curles on stubborn hair like mine, even until the next day!

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