Sunday, February 14, 2010

Model in a Bottle

I bought this a couple of months ago from a site called Its a couple bux cheaper than what you would pay retail with shipping. I got this since i have always wanted a setting spray but was unsure about getting either this or the MAC Fix + . So of course i did my research and lots of people recommended this one more. The more youtube videos i watched and comments read, i wanted this one all the way. The packaging is pretty neat, its a glass bottle and kinda looks like perfume. On to the product.. i think its great! It really does what is says it does. It holds your make up for as long as you want it on. Theres no smudging, no foundation or anything running down. Whatever usually smudges or runs down on you by the end of the day, this will fix it. I was spraying this on my face and there was a piece of hair by the side of my head stuck! Which is cool because it showed me how strong it is now. Its like hairspray for your make up, literally! You need to hold this about a couple of inches away from your face and spray with eyes closed. Keep your eyes closed for about 20 seconds after spraying, otherwise your eyes will sting. If its not completely dry on your face after a couple of seconds, get a paper or a fan and fan yourself. The product with shipping was about $17 something. Usually just the product itself is $18. I hope this was a helpful review :)

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