Friday, January 7, 2011

Mac MSF natural review

I have heard many great things about this product all over. It had great reviews from many sites, people were going crazy about it how its amazing and all, well i have other views on it. First off, many say this is a great powder foundation, its flawless and lightweight. Wrong, its very powdery, cakey, and blotchy. Now i don't give up on my products so soon. I try them with different moisturizers, primers, foundation, brushes, and other techniques to see what works best. I tried everything and the powder still looked so cakey on me, if i applied a pound of this powder or just a sweep, the outcome was the same. There was nothing i could do to make the powdery look go away, using fix+, model in a bottle and all that jazz, nothing worked.

The staying power is not great either. So then i wanted to use it as a setting powder for my cream and liquid foundations. I had the same exact problem, so cakey!! I don't understand how some say that this powder will never make you look cakey, no matter how much you put on. Wrong! It is very cakey. I have normal, combo skin. Normal cheeks and oily t zone. So yea this is my least favorite powder, it is cakey, no coverage, and bad staying powder. Don't waste your money on this girls, and for those of you who have it and it works for you, thats great. If you are wondering, my favorite powder foundation/setting powder is the Chanel double perfection and i use the shade 90 creme beige.

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