Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coastal Scents palettes

I have had these 2 palettes in my stash for a while and decided to swatch and review them since everyone loves them so much. I didnt even know these palettes existed a year ago, but thanks to my favorite makeup guru TiffanyD, she swatched them (better than me ) and it was love at first sight :) (with the palettes of course lol) Right away i was on the hunt for them, but before purchasing i always do my little research. To make sure that im purchasing quality items and that they wont be a waste of money. To be honest each review i watched was better than the last. I was sold and had to have it. I bought the 42 double stack eyeshadow and blush palette in matte and the 88 shimmer palette. My next purchase which will be very soon is the 88 matte palette!
Gorgeous colors and incredible color payoff and staying power. Well at least with me.

Great blushes, very nice color payoff and some of them are very mac comparable. I will do a post comparing them to high end brands :)

The swatches are kinda ehh, but in real life they r super pigmented with one swipe across the shadow. They dont need a base at all but i did use UDPP when swatching these shadows only.

These have no base and look great! Finger swatches are way better until i get the hang of making colors pop on my hand, but practice makes perfect :)

These are the blushes and there are 2 brown colors, one more shiny than the other. They can be used to contour or bronze.

They do have more color to them but my flash made them look sheer. Well they are sheer but they do show up very nicely when applied correctly.
Great soft pinks :) There are 2 very similar hot pinks and they are very comparable to the MAC Hello Kitty Tippy blush.

Pretty! These colors look great on light and dark skintones. There is something for everyone in this palette! The best thing is that you dont pay like $16 or $25 for a blush individually as you would in HE stores, with the same pigmentation and color pay off.
Behold! The 88 Shimmer palette. Ok you're probably wondering why in the world it looks like this. Well, again this was a trick i learned from TiffanyD. You get a painter brush, some glitter of any kind that you prefer ( i used the MAC pigment 3-D glitter, and mod podge. You sprinkle some glitter on top and then pour a bit of mod podge on it and brush it up and down. It doesnt dry quickly so its ok to take your time. It dries in a couple of hours. You can purchase mod podge at craft stores. I got mine from Michaels and it is a waterbase sealer, glue and finish for all surfaces. Its white in the beginning but dont freak out as it dries to a clear finish :)

Love these colors, i've had this for quite a while and there's still so many colors untouched.
Look at the color pay off, they are very long lasting, and if you put a base then they are sure to stay. Another great thing with these shadows is that they can be applied wet or dry. They are a lot more pigmented if applied wet. I just ran my fingers across the shadows, so you see its really pigmented dry, imagine how pigmented they would be if applied wet. And as with the last palette, these shadows do not need a base but you can use if you prefer.
I love the purples! I love all colors of course, but purples are my favorite color eyeshadow since they look so great on me! Until next time lovelys :)

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