Thursday, January 14, 2010

NYX Haul and Swatches!!

I recently placed an order on and got myself some NYX goodies! Im super excited about them even though they dont look new anymore. I was swatching them with a qtip and you will see what happened to my shadows but no biggie :) its still usable. I love NYX make up and for a "drugstore" brand, they have a huge selection of pigmented lipsticks, blushes, shadows and so on. Its great that they are so affordable, so we can grab as many things at a time and not have to wait to save up money lol. They're shadows are really pigmented, some more than higher end brands, and they dont really need a base either. The lipsticks have
a strong staying power without drying out your lips, and are also very creamy :) Their jumbo pencils is what got me hooked in the first place on NYX. They make great bases and are very cheap. Depending on your skintype, oily people might have to use a base before these jumbo pencils as they do tend to crease. Some of my friends have very oily lids and the pencils crease on them like in the first 10 minutes of putting them on. I use them without a base and so far so good, they didnt crease on me.. YET ( fingers crossed lol) Ok ok enough of my rampbling and lets get on to the exciting part... SWATCHES :) Enjoy! These are the jumbo pencils, no base, in strawberry milk, cottage cheese, milk, and black bean.

Since they are very creamy, they do tend to get messy, especially the black bean :(

This is the # 509 lipstick in Narcissus, i think it kind of reminds me of MAC's saint germain? I might be wrong but i will do a post, comparing them :)

I know the shadows dont look very pigmented but they are, trust me. I think finger swatches are better, you can see the color a lot better and looks a lot more pigmented.

My lovely NYX shadows :) I ran over them with q tip and since they are soft, they broke in a bit, but you cant really tell.
See how pigmented? Finger swatches are way better! This palette is tropical, yellow, and lime green :) I love wild colors, you never know when they are going to come in handy :)

My favorite palette of all NYX palettes! I love purples because i feel its the best color on me and most of the shadows i have are purple. NYX shadwos have great color payoff dont they :)
These are the swatches for the palette below. Purple, deep purple and prune. I know the palette looks weird, my last color shattered sadly :( . But i did fix it with alcohol. If you guys have no idea what im talking about, ill do a post on showing how you can fix shattered powders, and shadows with alcohol. Ill do a step by step with pics just to be clear. So if something shatters, DONT THROW IT AWAY! You can still fix it and make it work :)
I hope you guys enjoyed, my 1st still in the learning process post lol :)

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