Friday, January 22, 2010

Can anyone say OMG?!

What in the world was going on in Heidi's head for her to do something like this? We all know the annoying reality tv show celebrity couple Spencer and Heidi, and all of their weird shenanigans. We all knew they are free spirited and pretty much do whatever they could to be more annoying and more "known". Never did i think that a complete transformation of Heidi would be on the tabloids, at least not any time soon. I mean i dont mind nose surgery or implants, but a whole different face? She looked cuter and a LOT more natural before. She looked all innocent and the fun girl next door type of girl should i say. Now she looks all made up and fake and "plasiky". Honestly, she looked better before, her own natural self on the old days of the hills with pal Lauren Conrad. But hey, i guess Hollywood can get to anyone.

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