Monday, January 18, 2010

Top 4 must have brushes

Well, i decided to talk about brushes today, since it is an important subject on all make up lovers mind. We all look for those brushes that really make a difference when applying make up. The better the brush , the better the final result. I know that all of us girls can never JUST have 4 brushes lol, we have to have more for every single part of our face. But if you're still new and not sure what to get or not sure what you need, these should be your basics. The brushes i am showing are sigma brushes. Now for those of you that dont know, sigma is a rather new brand that is famous for their MAC like brushes. They recently started to make cosmetics and accessories as well. These brushes feel and look exactly like MAC brushes but without the hefty price tag, which is a total steal! You are getting the same great quality of MAC brushes if not better, for much less and what girl doesnt love a great bargain? I know i do. On to the brushes.... This here is a Sigma ss109 comparable to the MAC 109 brush. This is such an awesome brush and is a great multi tasker. You can use this brush to contour your face, apply bronzer, apply liquid foundation, and to apply blush. Great huh? I use it for all of those and i also have like a bunch of different brushes that are made for each one of those things, but if you're on a budget then this is a great multi tasker brush.

My next favorite brush is of course the muct have kabuki brush. There is usually a kabuki brush and a baby kabuki brush, so which ever you prefer to use. This is the ss182 which is comparable to the MAC 182. This brush is great to apply powders, or buff in your powder foundation for that flawless airbrushed look. Some might use this for liquid foundations but i wouldnt really recommend it because its big and wont be able to apply the foundation evenly to small areas such as around your nose, and under the eye. If the liquid foundation isn't buffed into your skin really well, it will tend to look cakey and at times very ugly and noticable. So you really need the right brush to apply your liquid foundation.

Ok, this brush counts as one since my point was to talk about the eye liner brush. There are people that prefer a straight one which is the one below or the bent eyeliner brush which is the one on the top. I personally prefer the bent eyeliner brush since it wont be a hassle applying your liquid, cream, or gel liners. With the straight brush, your arm can easly get in the way and you have to move around a lot to get a perfectly lined eye. Whereas teh bent brush you hold it in only one position since nothing is getting in the way. The bottom brush is ss266 which is comparable to the MAC 266 and the one on the top i ordered from AVON for $1.99! I know, teh price is awesome and so is the brush. The avon brush is precise and great for its price, the hairs arent sticking out all over the place like some cheap brushes do, and i love to use it more than my sigma one.

The next must have brush is for the eyes, its a shader brush. Its the ss239 which is comparable to the MAC 239. You can use this brush to apply eyeshadow( of course, thats what its made for lol), you can use this brush to put color in the crease, to blend, and to highlight the brow bone. So, its kind of the multi tasker eye brush. Yes, i noticed it isnt white like the MAC brush, but it works the same if not better. Anoth thing about this sigma company is the lady that makes these has of course all of the MAC brushes. She tests them and figures out the flaws of the MAC brushes and fixes them when she makes her own brushes. So some brushes from MAC might be stiff or not have enough hairs packed, or not exactly have the right shape to apply the make up better in a certain area, well this lady fixes the flaws and makes them just perfect! I've seen lots of people on youtube recommend the sigma brushes over MAC brushes, since there are some flaws, which is great news, now you guys dont have to spend as much :)

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