Monday, July 2, 2012

My Current Skincare Faves

Hello hello! I felt that this post had to go up as soon as possible so that you guys are aware of the amazingness these items can deliver to your skin. First off, i use 2 cleansers but im not too picky on cleanser. I use the Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser that has not caused and problems to my skin yet 

( history of my skin - never really had acne or any problems with my skin. Occasionally pimple here and there. My skin type is combo oily, oily nose and forehead but my cheeks are normal and dry in the winter.) and i lean more towards scrubs, im fine with using it everyday but some people might find it too harsh to use a scrub everyday. I usually dont care what kind of scrub i use, but i like something that has a lot of those "scrubbing" things. I currently use a brand that is new at Ulta called Bellaboo.

 The other 2 best products that i added to my skincare regime was the Reviva Labs glycolic acid toner that i also picked up at Ulta, and the moisturizer i got at GNC for$1.99 which is the vitamin C serum. 

Those 2 together are a godsend for my skin. Vitamin C is known to be amazing for the skin, helping fade acne spots or other troubled spots and it is also good for skin elasticity. I use to have a broken blood vessel on my top left cheek and it is gone! Usually people go to laser treatments to get rid of broken blood vessels on their body but not me, it totally went away!
We all get lazy sometimes and skip some days without a certain skincare product like the moisturizer or something, i know i have done it plenty of times before and i can tell right away that my skin is not happy. So i try to keep my skincare simple so that i dont find it a hassle to do it everyday.

Its also really good to do a mask at least once a week, i think homemade masks are the best as its all freshly made and has all fresh ingredients. Oh and the Queen Helene mask is the best when you have breakouts and problem skin!
Many many people recommend it and i have tried it and i love it! It can work wonders for your skin and its very inexpensive! I hope this post will help some of you and if you try any products, let me know how they are working for you. Until next time!

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