Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sigma F80 has some competition...

So when Coastal Scents was having their awesome sale a few weeks back, i decided to give some of their face brushes a try. Im always up for trying new flat top brushes, especially dense ones like the Sigma F80 as i find them THE BEST for applying any liquid and cream foundations. So i saw the bionic flat top brush and didnt think much of it as the hairs are a bit longer than the Sigma F80 and i felt it might be flimsy, i haven't heard much raves about it, and at $14 i really didnt care for it. But during the sale it was reduced to $6 or $7 and i was like, why not. I ordered it along with a few others, the pink kabuki (not as dense as the mac 182 but applies great and SUPER soft) a 217 look alike which does get the job done, and the kabuki on a stick brush which i havent really tried just once for blush and it was good. Back to the flat top, i tried it and i was in love. In my book its a tie with the F80. Even though the hairs are longer, it is not flimsy at all, you still have control in the way you apply, it blends away like a dream and i would definitely recommend it. I of course got another one and love it!

No i was not sent anything, bought it all with my money and i think the bionic flat top deserves more credit because it really is inexpensive and works amazing!

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