Monday, April 19, 2010

Products i been loving lately

I ordered the MAC cleanse off oil about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I loved it from the first use, but i wanted to make sure it works like that all the time and doesnt cause some weird things to happen to my face. Well, i was right! Its an awesome product, it does what it says, and doesnt break me out or cause any irritations. Removes my make up completely! I heard about this product before but i was always iffy about it. Until tiffanyd made a video on youtube about it, explaining how it works, and everything she said was right. Its amazing the kind of technology used to make these things. Its cleanse off oil, so of course its like oil, its an oily product. Well, you put it on dry hands and rub on dry face, rub through your make up until you feel is enough. Then run your hands under water and rub your face with water, the cleanse off oil immediately turns white when it makes contact with water. Its like a milky substance and there is no more oil! It feels like a regular face wash and when you wash it all off its like there never was oil on your face. When you rub it dry at first and then with water, it helps to break up the make up even more so that it does all come off.
I finally got me a bottle of the dramatically different moisturizing gel a.k.a ddmg . They have a lotion as well, i tried it but it was wayy too drying for my face so i decided to give the gel a go. I do like it since i do have a more oily tzone in the summer and pretty normal cheeks. Its also a great make up base, my face doesnt feel dry at all, it feels so super smooth i love it. Its very comfortable on the skin, not greasy at all and doesnt leave an oily residue behind, the skin "drinks' everything up, and a little goes a long way. A tiny amount can be used to moisturize the whole face. I usually use 2 pumps whenever i use it and it might be a bit too much but i rub it in very well and it works for me. I haven't had breakouts or skin irritations or anything of that sort, so i approve lol :)

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