Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March faves

Hey girlies! Sorry for the late March faves, but i had a busy few weeks lately, but thats over with for now, so thats good :) On to the faves! This is an amazing product by the lovely lush makers! Its a toner, i also like to use it as a setting spray, kinda like the MAC fix+ which i have been lemming lately, and will buy soon. ill do a post comparing them soon :) This is great for a humid day where you just want to refresh your face, or you can use it before heading out to get rid of the powdery look. I spray it on after using a setting powder, and i go back with either my 150 or 190 to blend the powder and the spray together for a flawless finish :)

These 2 are my new loves! The one on the left is the MAC cream color base in Luna, and the pretty pink one is from the MAC lillyland collection, cremeblend blush in florida. I have never tried cremeblend blushes before but let me tell you, they are amazing!!! Im going to go buy the permanent line ones in lilicent, posey, and blushlady! They look gorgeous.

This is CCB in Luna, i find it to be a great multitasker. I use this to prime my eye, like a paint pot, or a primer, adds color and prevents shadows from creasing, i can use it to highlight my cheeks or my face (meaning the cheek bones, bridge of nose, forehead, and chin)

And this is the blush in florida. It might look super intense, but as you can see i applied it with a light hand and it looks amazing, especially with a sunkissed glow, or bronzer, omg its perfect for summer! LOVE!! I use it with my 187 to make it look not so intense on my cheeks.

This is my 187 dupe, studio tools discontinued skunk brush (boo) It actually is an amazing brush, applies blush and foundations amazingly. Im getting the Sigma 187 and 188 very soon, it should be here in a few days, so im super excited about that :)

As you can see its a pretty awesome brush for $6.99, but it was clearanced to $3 something, and a girl sent it to me for free!! And it doesnt look cheaply made at all, you can see how the bristles are packed and looks dense not flimsy.

I have had this forever and found it like 2 months ago in my drawer along with my Luna CCB. I recommend this lipgloss to anyone, its MAC's Underage, the perfect nudy pink lipgloss. Its so pigmented that you dont really need a lipstick under unless you want to. Been wearing this sucker for a while now and i love it :) Thank god its in the permanent line!

And heres the swatch, it looks much better in person but i couldnt get a really good shot since it looks sheer on my hand and with flash it totally washed out my hand.

This is MeUFE HD primer that comes in that kit along with their setting powder and all. It was in my drawer forever so i finally started using it lately and its not bad. Its better than all of my other primers, i think. It makes my foundation glide on easily, it doesnt look patchy or dry, it kinda feels moisturizing too. And i feel like it makes my foundation look better. I dont get those laughing lines, or the lines around my eyes, which is awesome!

I love this Victoria Secret Beauty Rush double mist body spray in Juiced Berry, sounds delish! It smells so fruity and yummy, i personally LOVE fruity smells, so i loved it out of all of the ones they had in store. I was actually going in there to pick up the coconut one but it didnt smell like i thought it would althought there are some pretty amazing coconut scents out there.

Its so cool cuz its red on top and white at the bottom and you shake it up and it turns all red! You're suppose to shake it before using it, its pretty cool and smells amazing. When you have a chance, you should go and test it out at VS, but only if you like sweet fruity smells. then its perfect for you!
And last, i have been using this a lot lately. I did use it before but then i didnt really care for it, so it was just sitting in my drawer until i rediscovered it again. Its a great on the go concealer. Its the MAC select moisturecover concealer. This is great for under eyes, or if you're out its great for covering blemishes as well, but i guess it was made for under eyes more. Patting it on provides more coverage then blending it in with ur finger and going from side to side. It will smear that way and definitely settle into your lines. So patting is the way to go! Until next time :)

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