Monday, April 26, 2010

April Faves

Well im doing my April faves a bit early this month, thats cuz i really wanted to share these great products with you guys and give you my opinions.
We are going to start with the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel (ddmg). I have been using this for about 3 weeks now, and i LOVE it. It doesnt dry me out like a lotion would, its great and light feeling on my skin. If you read my previous post on this product, then you know how i feel about it :)

Heres a swatch of teh ddmg, i pictured it being gel like as in clear, but its an interesting consistency. Looks like lotion, feels like a light gel :)

This is the Laura Mercier secret brightner and its awesome!!! For all of you college people out there this is a must. Since finals have started coming around, that means staying up late some nights or maybe even pulling all nighters. This sucks cuz it causes some serious dark circles for some ladies, so this is awesome. I use it around my tear duct and like half way under my eye. It totally makes me look like i got 10 hrs of sleep! I apply my concealer and then this on top, i love it :)

This is what it looks like, you twist the bottom and it clicks. 2 clicks should be enough for the product to start coming out.

Not make up related but whatever lol. I remember using this stuff when we had gym in middle school. Some girl had it and we would all use her spray and it felt awesome lol. So i completely forgot about it until now when i saw it at Target. So i decided to pick one up and see how it is. I been loving it, it makes my underarms dry and stay like that all day, it smells very fresh and i love spraying it on.

I bought the mufe hd foundation last year around xmas and ended up returning it, now i got it again and one of the reasons i got it was cuz it photographs well and i love pics. So that was a plus. It kinda reminds me of Revlon photoready but with no sparkles and heavier coverage.

Heres a swatch, since its summer it might be a bit light to wear alone so i have to apply bronzer but i think its a great all year around color for me.

Blended in.

My fave lip product this month is the NYX Sorbet! Its such a fun springy color, very lovely and neutral. I love wearing it over MAC myth.

Another foundation i recently found in my stash and have been wearing this month is the Bare escentuals foundation. I use LUSH breath of fresh air toner(alternative to MAC Fix+) to apply after so it eliminates the powdery look, and i hardly need concealer after. It has awesome coverage. Im thinking of picking up the matte formula they came out with a few months ago.

This is my Guerlain bronzer. Its a great product and you feel very luxurious when you have it on. ( i dunno, i do lol) It does not give that orangy color, just a shade or 2 darker than what i am, perfect for spring/summer.

I finally got this lipstick ( i know lol) MAC myth. This is what i paired up with the NYX Sorbet lipgloss. They complement each other very well. This is a great nude but im interested in the creme d nude as well.

Another product i rediscovered in my stash. The Sonia Kashuk flat foundation brush or buffer brush ( no idea what its called). It blends in my foundations perfectly and so flawlessly. I look airbrushed. It blends in better than the 187 and blends in powder ane liquid foundations beautifully, probably cream as well. And they all look amazing with this brush. This brush is available at Target :)

This is the Urban Decay brow beater in brunette bombshell. Its a great product. It has the pencil color on one end and the wax in pencil form on the other end. It applies very nicely, you dont necessarily need a light hand with this. So even if your light handedly challenged this is good for you, it applies lightly and you can build up the color.

<---------color wax ----------->
Thats all lovelies, until next time :)

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